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From digest.v6.n863 Wed Jul 9 05:54:48 1997
From: "Duane C" <>
Date: Tue, 8 Jul 1997 23:39:06 -0400
Subject: M3 Brake Pads Response

> From: "Michael Ng" <>
> Date: Tue, 08 Jul 97 11:18:58 EDT
> Subject: <E36> M3 Brake dust problems
> I can't stand the amount of brake dust that accumulates on my rims.

>      am seriously considering changing pads and would appreciate any 
> recommendations. I would like a pad that doesn't excessively dust or > squeel. I plan to attend a several driving schools in the future. I > may also flush the Brake fluid at the same time. Considering ATE > Super Blue(?)

You can't have it both ways! You can have a nice, quiet, clean street pad but it won't hold up in a real Driver's School no matter how fresh your brake fluid is. Proper track pads are relatively expensive, they squeal, are very dirty, and they rattle like hell - but they don't fade. The stock BMW Jurid pads are kind of in the middle - they will fade on the larger tracks and are semi-dirty as you already know. This assumes you are driving hard on the track, not meandering.

So here's what you REALLY need for your M3:

A set of 2 -piece BMW Motorsport aluminum hat rotors for the fronts ( $ 400 a pair - won't warp). Skip the slotted/cross-drill feature. A set of performance pads - pick your brand, there are many ( I use Will Turner's Cool Carbon clones at $ 200 a set) A set of street pads - Repco / Axxis Deluxe compound is excellent ( under $100 for the set).
Flush/bleed your brakes every 3 - 4 months if doing Driver's Schools using Super Blue, then Gold the next time.
Steve d'G's (The Ultimate Garage) $ 29 pressure brake bleeder cap so the above chore is relatively painless.
Bend your front rotor backing plates as far back towards the engine as you can with your hand ( free ! ).

You can swap brake pads and tires all the way around in under 50 minutes once you get the hang of it if you have a decent floor jack and an air impact gun and air rachet. Remember to NOT engage your parking brake after hot laps at the track, else you'll boogie up your rear rotors by *pucking* them up.

Duane Collie
'95 M3
Nat. Cap Chapter

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