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From digest.v7.n104 Wed Aug 13 18:41:22 1997
From: "Duane C" <>
Date: Wed, 13 Aug 1997 17:48:35 -0400
Subject: Re: bmw-digest V7 #97

> Subject: <E36 M3> Brake fade
> Is it just me or do the '97s have more fade than the '95? Having owned
> both I definately can tell a difference. Can anyone please tell me the
> best way to upgrade the brakes on this car to reduce fade (stainless

> super blue fluid etc.)
> Michael J Greto

Hey Michael,

I love Brakes. Brake Upgrades let you stop after the speed generated by your engine upgrades! If you are running out of brakes on the street using stock Jurid pads, then you need to bleed your system. I can't imagine the Jurids giving in on any type of street usage whatsoever - they are pretty decent. No '97 M3 owner I know of complains of the brakes...I suspect air in your system.

When you go to the track, the Jurdis start to fall down a bit if you are like Bob Stommel and don't "Brake until you see God". Here's what I've done to mine - which is the cheapest way to get a satisfactory brake upgrade (Cheap is good!). First, bend your front wheel backing plates back as far as you can using your hands...just push on them. Scoops more air (Will Turner Tip). Next, install a set of track pads on the car, which you will want to remove for the street. I use Will Turner's Cool Carbon pad set 'cause the set is under $ 200 for all four wheels. There are other good brands as well (Hawk, Performance Friction, etc.) - most are going to set you back an additional $ 100 or more. Don't get too aggressive a pad as they eat rotors. Rotors are considered expendable in a racing car - keep that in mind !

If you have to buy rotors, get the euro 2-piece factory rotors. They won't heat warp and cost no more than the standard rotor. I have them on my car and can now brake as good as the Club Racers with these mods.

SS Brake lines are relatively cheap and easy to install. I don't have them (yet) as my pedal is firm enough. Super Blue Fluid is great for boilover but won't help your stopping distance in and of itself.

Duane Collie
Nat. Cap. Chapter

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