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Subject: <E36> Lets flash the hazard lights when arming or disarming the BMW alarm
Date: Sun, 21 Feb 1999 00:37:10 EST

Rob Hatrak posted his great (above subject) idea on the M3 digest. He wrote this up for his M3. Based on his post, I decided to add this mod to both of my cars.
I started on my 318tis. The ti, since it does not have check control, doesn't have the relay mentioned in Rob's how to. Turns out, that the E36's I checked without check control do not have this relay. Now what?
I ended up basically doing it the same way as Rob going direct, using a relay with a lower coil current of .011 ampere. I chose this relay because I didn't know how much current the alarm module siren output would safely supply. The relay I added is in parallel with the siren output of the alarm module.

In other words we are using the siren output to pick the relay. The arm or disarm siren chirp/s picks the relay providing a ground to the hazard lights control which flashes the lights in sequence with the chirp/s.
As a side note, the measured current to the alarm siren when tripped was ~1 ampere. This method will also work on cars with check control.
I completed this mod on my '97 318tis. The following is just a guide. Read it completely before attempting this modification. If your car is different, modify the following (like I did) accordingly. As always, feel free to do it your way. Here we go:

  Pieces parts:
   1 each Relay Radio Shack 12V-1A, 11 ma coil 275-233 $2.49
   1 each stakon for attaching the ground wire to the 10 mm 
     body ground stud.

You will also need wire, Tywraps and the parts for the means of tapping into existing circuits that you use. I remove a small ring of insulation and attach/solder the new wire to it. I seal the junction using Star brite liquid electrical tape. This is available from NAPA in a 4 ounce can # 765-2950 for $5.99.

Remove the glove box in a coupe or sedan.
Remove the ti's glove box 1. ti's glove box 2.

I picked up the ground from the body ground (10 mm nut) on the right side of the dash using a stakon connector that fit the 10 mm stud.

Run this ~ 27 inch wire to one side of the relays coil and contact. Run a ~ 12 inch wire from the other side of the relay coil to pin 3 (siren) of the alarm module green connector (red wire). Run a ~ 11 inch wire from the other side of the contact to pin 6 (hazard lights) of the alarm module green connector (green wire).

Arm the alarm. If the hazard lights blink, good job!

Tywrap the install and replace the removed stuff.

Keep in mind that if you disable the alarm's chirp function, the hazard lights will not flash.

Thanks go to Rob Hatrak for posting this mod. FLY BMW Marlborough, CT
Unofficial RS/SS bender/installer +

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