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From digest.v7.n338 Fri Sep 26 15:13:55 1997
From: Pat Donahue <>
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 1997 13:40:38 -0400
Subject: Re: <MISC> Loose door panel vinyl - reglue? ('91 525i)

> The door panel vinyl just above the armrest of the rear door has pulled
> loose. I have heard this discussed in terms of replacing the panel. Has
> anyone reglued the vinyl? The vinyl has pulled loose behind the door pad
> above the armrest. I was thinking of injecting some vinyl glue behind the
> loose vinyl, pressing or rolling it into place while it dried, then
> regluing the pad. Are there any upholstery experts with words of
> experience?

I'll tell you how to fix it if you won't tell _anyone_ else! The secret is to gently pull off the covered cardboard piece on the door panel, cut some slits in the vinyl under it where it will be hidden by the cardboard piece, glue the vinyl and reglue the cardboard piece. The slits will take the pressure off the (now) shrunken vinyl so it won't just pull right back out.

I watched all this done to my car right after I bought it (at PO's expense) and this was how it was done. After two years almost no problems at all!

Pat Donahue
Vienna, VA
'91 M5, '72 MGB

(don'tcha just love that _almost_?)

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