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From digest.v7.n96 Tue Aug 12 16:10:31 1997
From: "smcastle" <>
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 1997 13:48:49 -0400
Subject: <E34> pre-wired cell phones

William Ray writes:

>How hard can this be? My 92 525i is prewired for a cell phone. I want to
>plug my existing Motorola Flip into the prewired outlet to keep from
>having to plug into the cigarette lighter all the time and thus have the
>ashtray open all the time.

Depends on what you are trying to accomplish. Your E34 is prewired to work with a highly sophisticated Motorola/factory phone system that is integrated with both the dash display, the OBC, and the stalk controls. But not a generic flip phone. With the VR feature (voice recognition) of the factory phone, you can even tell the phone who to dial for you:)

If all you are looking for is a power supply, here is the pinout of the 8 pin modular connector you will find under the rear center console section of your car:

1       LGnd
2       +9.5
3       TData
4       CData
5       RData
6       AGnd
7       TX - Hi
8       RX - Hi

Disregard the other connectors for the interface box, speakers, and microphone.

Steve C.

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