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From digest.v7.n873 Sun Jan 4 08:05:21 1998
From: Arnerich <>
Date: Sat, 03 Jan 1998 22:22:07 -0800
Subject: Re: E30 Interior Trim Removal, Tires

Bobby Crumpley wrote:

>         Second, I'm about to replace the tires.  Is there any reason not to 
> go to a 'Plus Zero' size? It now has 195/65VR14 Michelin MXV4's. I'm > thinking that it would be an improvement to go to 205/60*R14's. I'm > not trying to start a thread on contact patch theory, etc... just > wanting to hear some experiences. I live on the Texas Gulf Coast, so > performance in snow is not at all important. Also, what about speed > ratings? I do plan on 'taking the car to school' so that I can > finally learn how to drive. Is it foolish for me to save ~$25 a tire > and get 'H' speed rated tires instead of 'V'? I know the higher > performance tires don't last as long, but I only put about 6,000 miles > a year on this car, so again, not that important.

206/60 is a common upgrade, and your 6.5" rims will love them, but not all 205's are created equal. Some of the wider ones may rub slightly on the strut housing. The difference in speed ratings is related to how well a tire handles the extra stress (like heat) of higher speeds (130 mph for H, 149 mph for V). It seems to me that you would want tires built to handle the extra stresses of track driving, even if you don't exceed 130 mph (psssssst, don't get the H rated).

>         I know that everyone has their favorite tires, just like motor oil, 
> gasoline, wax, beer, and hood ornaments. I'm a Yokohama kind of guy, > so I would like to here from other Yokohama people about experience > with some specific tires (AVS Intermediate, A509, Avid H4, etc...).

I like the AVSi's, personally. If you're going to do a bunch of schools, consider a second set of wheels, then get race rubber and street rubber. You won't find many tires that will give you the best performance in both places. If you do this, consider a 205/55ZR14 (yes, Z rated) like a Yokohama or BFG race tire. Your speedometer will read a little high, but the lower profile is more conducive to higher performance. The AVSi also comes in this size and speed.

>      Thanks,
> Bobby Crumpley BMWCCA #150322 > Texas City, TX > > '87 325is > '31 Ford Deluxe Tudor

BTW, were you talking about the BMW or the Ford? ;-)

Have fun, be safe,

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