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From digest.v7.n26 Wed Jul 30 17:37:04 1997
From: "Steve D'Gerolamo" <>
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 1997 14:56:50 -0400
Subject: Front Strut Replacements

With the exception of E36 cars where the front strut comes as a complete assembly, it is a good ideal to have a spare set of strut cap screws when replacing struts. Bilsteins used to come with 2 sets of collar nuts, one with inside thread and one with outside thread. Boge however has has history of coming with the wrong cap screws or none at all. If you're ordering a set of Boge shocks from a mail order house, check your strut first to see if it has inside or outside threads (if external, spray with generous amounts of penetrant before starting) and make sure your supplier sends the proper strut caps (have him check the boxes before they are shipped). Chances are you'll mangle the old cap screw removing it to get at the strut insert and you don't want to get stuck on a weekend (or evening) with the car stuck on a lift or jack stands. SD Steve D'Gerolamo c/o The Ultimate Garage, Emerson, NJ Tel 201-262-0412 Email.... Web Site....

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