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From digest.v5.n495 Sun Nov 3 03:51:11 1996
From: Jay Snyder <>
Date: Sat, 02 Nov 1996 20:04:33 -0500
Subject: <E30> Rear Subframe Bushings -- Thanks for the advice

I'd like to thank all that responded to my question about subframe bushing removal.
I'd also like to thank Ben Greisler of Chilton, who gave me the advice that made it
all happen -- almost.

He recomended a puller that basically had a treaded rod up through the bushings (after
removing the bolts from the body), and that pushes against the subframe.

This still wouldn't do it. Someone else recomended cutting the bushings in two, and then pulling out the peices.

What I finally ended up doing was the following:

  1. Use the puller described above with a small washer & nut to pull the center part of the bushing out -- I couldn't get the whole thing out at once. After getting it down about 2", use a utility knife to cut the rubber, and then pull it the rest of the way.
  2. Using a Sawsall (reciprocating saw), cut a grove into the outer steel shell of the bushing.
  3. Squeeze the outer bushing by it's flange with a large pair of channel locks (AKA Plierzilla!).
  4. Use the above puller with a large washer (with notches for the groves in the the bushing whole) to pull the other bushing. This is now possible because it is now slightly smaller because the the cut in it.

I took pictures of the whole mess, tool and all, and will post these to my homepage if anyone wants to see them.

  • -- J. '89 325i '86 325es (with new subframe bushings -- no more 'Thunk'). '74 2002 (project)
    Jay Snyder (717)652-3567
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