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From Wed Apr 22 13:35:05 1998
From: "Ron Milliet" <>
To: <>
Subject: <E30> Power Steering Maintenance
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 08:34:25 -0500

Ron Browne and others...there is a point when it MUST be changed. For me it was about 130k miles on my 87 E30. My PS pump started moaning and groaning resulting in increasingly resistant steering. No leaks...nothing wrong with my rack, pump or anything major like that. Just some seriously foul smelling, ROTTEN, completely SPENT liquid that used to be ATF. No doubt the ORIGINAL stuff put in over in Germany 10 YEARS ago. THE PROBLEM: BMW did not consider this, Bentley does not address it, thus there is no easy way to do it. THE ANSWER:
  • Remove the PS fluid reservoir and cleaned w/mineral spirits and paint brush
  • Flush out the mesh screen on the return fluid port of the res w/min spirits (this screen was the source of my noise, it was very restricted before cleaning)
  • Flush the system with new ATF by leaving the return hose off the res and into a waste bucket, install the clean res with the return port plugged, and the supply hose connected to the res, fill the res, have someone crank the car and turn the wheel, as the fluid is sucked out of the res by the pump, keep adding fresh fluid until clean fluid starts dumping in the waste bucket
  • Connect the return hose, top-off with fluid, crank the car, turn the wheel from side-to-side to bleed system, check for leaks

This COMPLETELY cured my problem.

Ron Milliet
87 325is

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