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From digest.v7.n150 Thu Aug 21 09:28:28 1997
From: Christopher Pawlowicz <>
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 1997 08:12:52 -0400
Subject: <E30> Steering Rack Rebuild ?

Jon R. Lewis asked
>i need to replace or rebuild the above and i need some input:
>can the steering rack be rebuilt/converted to manual rather than
>power? this is my first choice. if not, has anyone tried the
>korman manual conversion for $600 or so (as i recall)? or, how
>about the custom steering racks available from pegasus?

You can safely and easily convert your power steering to manual by

  1. cutting the belt to the power steering pump (snip!)
  2. if your seals are leaking (like mine were) loosen the rubber bellows and drain most of the fluid
  3. re-attach the bellows with some new tie-wraps

ta-daa! non-power steering. oh ya,

d) send me $300 and think about what a deal you got compared to korman :)

my seals blew in the spring, my mechanic (BMW ind.) did the above (like he has done with many many e30's) and works fine.

much more steering feel at speed - I really like it much more effort required at parking speeds (duh!) - but even my hulking bicep-deficient GF manages to park the car without too much trouble.

chris pawlowicz
'89 325i - 205/60/14 yoko A509 down to the wear bars

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