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From digest.v6.n694 Mon May 26 06:21:35 1997
From: Ralph Warren <>
Date: Sat, 24 May 1997 09:34:44 -0700
Subject: E30M3 Lucky at Hell, do this mod!!!

(Pride of the Yankees)

Today... I consider myself... the luckiest man... on the face of the earth.

Tell me about it Lou... This Thursday in the Esses at Watkins Glen at over 100mph, my passenger side front control-arm ball joint snapped in half and my front right wheel folded under the car! It's a miracle that the brake line did
not snap and that the car was brought to stop without more damage than a dented
front fender. Parked on the inside grass waiting for the tow truck, I had a nice conversation with the guy who lives above the clouds.

Other E30 M3 owners came by after in the garage and said "yep, that happens all
the time, the newer aluminum control-arms are better". Hello???... all the time? If this happens all the time then why isn't this mod more popular.

Folks... replace your steel control-arms with the aluminum ones now available (at least on your track car). I believe they came standard on '91 E30 M3s. These control arms are not only lighter and will improve handling, but they include updated ball joints that don't snap as easily. They are a bit pricey about $350. to $375. per pair. It's a messy job, but not a hard job to do, you
will need a 22mm wrench among other tools you alrady have.

Ralph Warren - Boston

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