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To: Dale Beuning <>
Subject: Re: 1987 325ic left front bearing replacement
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 96 08:46:00 PST

Hi Dale, Thanks for getting back to me ,

I managed to remove that noisy bearing. I purchased the SAMS for E-30 325ic, 1984-1992 ($19.00) it took me about two hours. The bearing cost me $110.00 from the dealer. The service shop wanted to charge me $230.00 for this job.

The hardest part was removing the 33 mm hub bolt, I had to physically jump on the wrench to remove it. after installing the new bearing , the loud noise went away.
Now the car is running real smooth.

Here are some symptoms of a bad wheel hub bearing on BMW's.

  1. Loud grinding sound that gets progressively worse.
  2. Vibration, similar to bad drive shaft center bearing problem
  3. Unable to exceed 60 MPH in due to excessive vibration (it feels like 4th & 5th gear are missing)

Here is a short concise procedure for the removal and installation of a wheel hub bearing on a 325ic........

  1. Remove tire
  2. Pop dust cover off
  3. Bend cotter pin mechanism
  4. Remove brake caliper (two large bolts 17mm)
  5. Remove disk brake rotors, one Allen holding it in place. (use liquid wrench to loosen up the bond between the hub and the disk rotor)
  6. Remove the large 33 mm hub bolt (hardest part) make sure that the car is resting on jack stands, the leverage required to remove this bolt can cause the car to fall.
  7. Using a ball pin hammer, tap the old bearing out. ( liquid wrench really helps)
  8. If inner bearing race gets stuck, use a steering wheel puller.
  9. Clean surfaces and replace bearing with the new one.
  10. Put everything back together.
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