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From digest.v7.n304 Fri Sep 19 16:00:30 1997
From: Brian Tomsa <>
Date: Fri, 19 Sep 1997 16:48:01 -0400
Subject: E30 Front Wheel Bearing Replacement


Maybe some Scotch-Brite to polish the spindle. Then a dab of grease or the like to prevent the bearing from binding when pressed on the spindle. Then a hammer and a large socket/piece-o-pipe
to get it started. maybe use the nut to drive it in further. Theory:
The bearing race is to be a PRESS fit on the spindle. Do NOT sand the spindle.
The bearing is to orbit the race, but the race is not to spin an the spindle.
Notice the spindle has ridges where it was machined. These are not there because
the part manufacturer was too cheap to give it a finish cut, but because the ridges
help to hold the race to the spindle.
Finally, use a new nut and peen it in the key way. If you don't peen it the wheel
could come loose, which would suck. If you don't use a new nut you'll probably find
that even with the new bearing the already used side of the nut will still line us with
the key way (refer to previous sentence). As far as I remember 300 ft/lbs is the torque for the spindle nut. This VERY roughly
equates to jumping on a 2 ft breaker bar.

Brian Tomsa
'87 325i
'80 Toyota 4x4
'65 T-bird

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