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From digest.v6.n772 Sun Jun 15 07:25:10 1997
Date: Sat, 14 Jun 1997 17:00:51 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: E30 Consistent pull solved!

A few months ago I posted a problem in my '85 325e - a consistent pull to the left that increased as speed increased. I received many responses - thanks to all - most recommending I check LCA and tie rods, alignment, tires and bushings. In my post I stated that the pull hadn't changed (disappeared) after mounting new tires. So, I assumed that the tires were/are not the problem
Guess what - one of the new tires (Continental CH95's - not exactly the paragon of high performance, but as a college student again...) apparently suffers from the same or similar undiagnosed (until yesterday, that is) problem as one of the old Yoko U+4 tires did - a shifting tread belt! Yes, I answer, the tires were supposedly rotated as a diagnosis by a local independent shop. Apparently, when they rotated them they left the left front tire in place! Yesterday, on a recommendation, I took the car to Springfield (VA) Auto Car (Terminal Road near Ft. Belvoir). Keith, the front end mech explained how everything was perfectly in spec according to his Hunter alignment rack. We discussed other possibililies, but he insisted he rotate the tires. I said he was wasting his time. Obviously, he wasn't. After swapping the tires around he located the culprit - the left front. After puttng it on the right front, the pull to the left is now a slight pull to the right. He didn't put the left rear on the left front - it has a tread wobble, the tread (and not the wheel) doesn't track perfectly. Monday, I'll call Tire Rack with a warranty claim. This weekend I'll be too busy driving my 325e!!!!!!!!
Arlington, VA
1985 325e, 138k miles, tracks almost straight and true. BMWCCA 37523

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