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From Thu Aug 1 10:18:46 1996
From: Dale Beuning <>
Subject: Re: Broken shock mount on E30
Date: Thu, 1 Aug 1996 10:18:05 -0700 (PDT)
Cc: (BMW List), ()

This shock mount is all rubber inside, with age and harsh roads or new shocks, they tend to die.

My '84 318i had these go out, replacements were aprox $40 for the pair. A friend's '85 325e, and another friend's '84 318i have both had these go bad as well.

I think in '86 these were redesigned as the ones in my '86 325es are in perfect shape, as well as the ones in the '89 325i.

Don't try to repair them, just replace them.

'95 M3 12k
'89 325i 126k for sale!
'86 325es 108k
'84 318i 227k

> I was wondering if anybody had had rpoblems with shock mounts. My '85 325's
> left rear shock mount has broken aawy from the body. I had a strange
> rattling noise like something was loose in the boot. We checked the obvious,
> jack secure, spare wheel, toolkit etc., but had no joy. My dad said to check
> the shock rubbers. Once we had retracted the carpeting, we could see that
> where the "cylinder" through which the shock get bolted onto the car body,
> had actually cracked in an upside-down U shape around the shock housing, as
> though the "cylinder" was going to come away from the body. I have had my
> suspension lowered considerably, and total ground clearance is about 180mm
> on the sump cover. This has caused a negative camber of approx 3 degress,
> and I am not sure if the cambering has forced the shock away from the side
> wall. The suspension is not that stiff, but maybe the angle of the camber is
> causing this problem ?????
> What could have caused this, and can it be spot welded, or am I going to
> have major problems. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZE help me !
> Regards, Darren


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