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From digest.v7.n548 Thu Nov 6 16:48:29 1997
From: Tad Laird <>
Date: Wed, 05 Nov 1997 21:49:13 -0800
Subject: [Fwd: Re: iX Questions]

Date: Wed, 05 Nov 1997 19:30:37 -0800
From: Tad Laird <>
Subject: Re:iX Questions

Hi Mark,

1.Steering wheel shimmy:
If suspension components are new recheck anyway. Check shock mounts, then check tire ie tread & balance. I had intermittent shimmy at high speeds corrected by retightening everything in front end and rebalancing tires. Don't know what real problem was but its gone for last 6 months.

2.Engine, Handling, Mods:
There are few things you can do to the iX. Gordon Haines has some mild suggestions ( check iX FAQ _at_ the digest website). The M20 motor has been described by some as worthless, but I think it does ok. Engine swaps are out. According to Pete McHenry, the engine block alignment angle does not allow the popular M50 swap unless you want to ditch the brake booster. You need brakes so the booster has to stay. This is after all a BMW not a JAWA. If you really want to upgrade the motor, Dinan and Racing Dynamics offer 2.7L stroker kits ~approx. 220 hp. Supercharger will increase this 300+ hp.
I have the Dinan chip which provides a mild noticeable increase (butt dyno). I'm thinking about lite mods such as K&M filter, euro airbox/HFM, and maybe better flowing exhaust.
Gordon Haines says in the FAQ cut the front springs on the iX and put on stiffer bushings which he says made the handling similar to a 325iS. The iX is a little higher and softer than other BMW's. Satch Carlson has Koni's on the front and Bilsteins on the back. I haven't done anything but complain about my suspension so far. Allen Patterson at Kormans suggested oil/trans/diff coolers and reinforcement of suspension and body mounting points to the frame to further stiffen the car if severe duty ie.. rallying is your forte.
Gearing in the differentials can be upgraded to 4.10 from the current 3.91 _at_ $1200 each which for the iX means $2400. Brake upgrades are problematic. The four bolt hubs limit choices. If an upgrade to 5 bolt pattern could be made the choices would be great. Kormans said to do this I would have to become friends with a really GOOD machinist (translation~ very expensive). Satch said to check to see if any euro '5' iX pieces might crossover, but the consensus from the 'tuners' is no. Too bad, dammit.

Overall I enjoy my iX as a daily driver, but given the above limitations and potential expense I have limited my zeal for upgrading at this time. To satisfy my lust for power and handling I copped out and bought a seriously modified 1985 M635CSi to which someone did all the above and more.

If anyone else on the digest can provide more insight into upgrading the iX I would very much like hear from you also. I have the M635 for the track and I want the iX built for rallying. As Satch would say " I must be fookin crazy" but so be it.

Later, Tad Laird
1991 325iX
1985 M635CSi

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