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From digest.v7.n450 Thu Oct 16 09:13:13 1997
From: "Alan Alfano"<>
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 1997 09:07:41 -0400
Subject: RE: 88 325iX strut insert replacement (LONG)

>From: (Juan J. Garcia Ruiz de Angulo)
>Rick Kjeldsen wrote in 15 apr 1996 how to do E30 strut replacement, and I
find his

>contribution very helpful. Nevertheless he did not refer to some special
325iX strut

>circumstances, i.e. how to disconnect the front wheel power axle which I
suppose rather

>difficult, or perhaps from its engine end. This latter option is
completely unknown for

>me because I have been unable to find any detailed technical information
on the 325iX

>transmission elements. By the way, anybody knows if the hidden 325iX front

>chain tension is adjustable?.
>Thanks to all of you who publish your experience, and in particular about
our rather

>rare "iX?s".
>Juan Jose.

I just did this in June. I followed the procedure as written in the iX Change newsletter.

You did join the the iX Register, right ? see for more details. You may want to email Gordon Haines (ghaines _at_, he maybe kind enough to snip it from the newsletter and email you a copy. I highly recommend that you join and buy all back issues. There is a ton of iX info here.

The front driver shaft is not removed from the engine side. I believe a BMW rear hub puller can be used to pull the front hubs. I made my own. I bought a quality 2 finger puller. I then took two 2 inch pieces of heavy angle iron, drilled a hole in each and then used one wheel bolt to bolt each onto two opposite sides of the hub. The front hub nut and it locking tab must be removed first. Make sure that you have a new 'nut' that holds each strut into the strut assembly. Even at 55k miles, mine were severely rusted and I used an acetolene torch to removed them.

There is no 'hidden' front transmission on the iX. Basically, there is a transfer case at the backside of the transmission. (That is where the chain lives. The chain is in the transfer case is not adjustable. )
A front driveshaft from the transfer case to the front differential. Front half shafts/CV joints then go to each wheel. The right driveshaft actually goes thru the oil pan. It is an amazing piece of cast aluminum.

Make sure that you check the transfer case fluid every other month. It only holds aprox half a quart of ATF fluid.
If you toast this, you are looking at a $2000-3000 bill.

Regarding iX techical info:
A factory E30 manual has this info. I bought mine from Rodd Sidney (http: // for $125.
Or you could buy the E30 BMW microfiche, I have been told that these can be read on library fiche readers,
provided that the parts fiche is cut up into smaller pieces. Library fiche readers also have the option of printing from the fiche. The factory manual is nice, but it is written for an experienced mechanic. I also have a 325 Bentley manual, these are written for both novices and experienced mechanics, it is excellent for covering the brakes, engine, tune up and other common 325 repairs.

Everything is easy the second time and thereafter, the first time is the real challenge.
The factory manual is a little lite in some areas and not many pictures. You know, "remove the front caliper", the Bentley manual has many steps and pictures and mentions the installation torque values. BMW also requires one to purchase their Torque Specification manual....

In my humble opion, the 325iX is identical to the 325i except for the transfer case at the rear of the transmission the front driveshaft and front diff. The Bentley will cover all other repairs. <snipped from:> Robert Bentley Service Manual: This must-have book cover engine management systems, Bosch L-Jetronic, Motronic (325e, s), Motronic 1.1 (325i, is, ic), wiring schematics, rebuilding and technical tips, hard-to-find information, and much more. Large and complete. (Does not cover 318is, 325ix, or M3) 3 SERIES, 1984?1990 ? 318i, 325, 325e,325es, 325is, 325i , ic $42.50

I hope this of help to you,
Alan Alfano

BMW CCA #30492

1988 BMW 325iX
1956 Austin-Healey 100M (2)

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