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From digest.v5.n150 Tue Aug 27 03:59:44 1996
From: shawn teague <>
Date: Tue, 27 Aug 1996 00:16:48 +0100
Subject: problems with steering column

First off, I am very new to the BMW digest but have a great impression of it so far, thank you for providing such an informative service. Now my question... I have a 1991 318is with roughly 82k miles. The car is in beautiful shape, thanks to a little elbow grease, and is a blast to drive. I've owned the car since Feb. 1 and haven't had a problem other than a rattle in the steering column. Just after purchasing the car, I read in a buyers guide that there was a recall on the steering column on some of the E30 cars. I asked the local BMW dealer to run my VIN to check on recall status. They told me there were no outstanding recalls on my car. About a month ago, I was at the same dealer buying a part and asked the parts salesman if he knew of the recall. He instantly pulled a box from under the counter and showed me the part that recall replaces. I called the BMW customer relations line and explained to them my question about whether that recall was issued on my car, and if so, would BMW sover the part a second time. The woman there told me that that recall had been issued on my car and that it had been serviced. As for my question about another replacement, she said I had to put my request in writing and send it to BMW NA. Immediately I did this and was answered by a telephone call from a gentleman telling me that that recall had never been issued on my car and that he had never heard of any sort of recall on steering columns. The rattle has progressed to the point that it not only rattles over pot-holes but even on the highway over expansion joints. In fear of the steering wheel falling off in my lap, I'm very interested in getting it fixed as soon as possible. Has anyone heard of this recall, experienced this rattle, or have any suggestions on where to turn to next hor help? Thank you in advance for any replys.

Shawn Teague

1991 318is

BMW CCA # 123900

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