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From digest.v4.n851 Wed Jul 17 11:06:06 1996
From: "Rick Kjeldsen" <>
Date: Wed, 17 Jul 1996 12:02:23 -0400
Subject: Re: Sway bar noise

>Anyone have any suggestions for getting rid of aftermarket sway bar noise?
>... It's not a squeeking noise, it's a clunk clunk over small bumps -

I assume your bars came with Heim (sp?) joints (that is ball and socket assemblies) to replace the sway bar end links, and probably urathane center bushings. I have that setup on my car - it's very common.
What I've found is that the noise comes from the ball joints. When the suspension load changes from one wheel being compressed to the other being compressd the load on the bar reverses, so the direction of stress on the ball joints changes from a push to a pull (or vice versa), so the small amount of play between the ball and socket causes a click. The hard center bushings then transmit this click very effectivly to the body.

Greasing the ball joint helps for a (short) time as it takes up the space. Greasing the urethane bushings helps for a (shorter) time because it keeps the sound from being transmitted as well.

You can also replace the urethane bushings with rubber at some minor performance loss. Dinan does this.

I think it may help to replace the ball joints with higher quality ones that have a teflon(?) liner between the ball and socket. I've found a source for them and am going to try it out when I get a round tuit (anybody got one I can borrow?).

'87 325es - click, click, click...

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