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From digest.v4.n578 Sat May 11 02:25:22 1996
From: sean thompson <>
Date: Sat, 11 May 1996 04:31:16 GMT
Subject: <E30 survey><etc>

Fellow digesters:
thanks for the answers regading my crazy idle probs. I think that I have it fixed.The idle control valve was pretty gummed up and I think the thermal expansion was just enough sometimes to have it stick. After cleaning it with WD-40 and a Qtip it seems to have solved the problem(lets hope).As to the E30 survey;

A/C evaporator at 80K
timing belt-52K
the usual filter and oil every 3K
rear shock tower top mounts--100K
timing belt(again) and tensioner,exhust valves, intake valves, valve seats, rockers,head gasket,front engine bearing seal, valve cover gasket,plugs.96K--(don't ask)
various bulbs
X-mission mounts 98K
taillight gaskets~~ 100K
antennae grommet~~100K
hood release cable~~100k
plug wires 105K
plugs again 105K
I bottomed out badly and broke 2 motor mounts which caused engine to shift and the belts cut radiator hose and made A/C condensor hose rub and fail. The A/c hose that I got from the dealer was not the same as the old one(it was longer) and was a Bear to install. I still dont think it is correct as the restraining bushing cannot be used or the hose will kink. has anyone else had this problem? I haven't charged the sys. yet as I still need a filter/dryer but it is getting **HOT** here in Fla.

The car needs;
shifter bushings
control arms
shocks all around
xmission output seal

Everything considered, this has been the best car I have ever owned(out of 6) and don't think I will ever drive anything else than BMW.

'87 325iS
student with not enough loot for the rest of the repairs

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