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From: James J Landis <> Subject: E30 Survey
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 97 11:29:47 PDT

I bought an 89 325is in June of 1995. It had 113k miles on it. Now two years later it has 155K miles.

I've done the following things:

Left rear wheel bearing ... tried to do it myself... couldn't. Left front suspension bearing.
Muffler (rear part only)
Tires - Pirelli P600 M&S (got 32K miles) feel SO SO about them ... just ordered Mich MXV4s ... going for good wear and better milage Replaced head bolts ... one broke at the threaded end ... neat story on how to get piece out
Replaced timing belt - did this myself ... built wooden lock for the front timing wheel so I could turn off the 22mm nut on the front pulley Replaced antenna (radio)
Replaced auxiliary fan, motor locked up, wouldn't turn... at same time removed fan from engine and now depend on only auxiliary fan - and is working OK
Interior fan wouldn't work on all 4 speeds, turned out to be loose rivet on gang of resistors gotten to from engine side of firewall Last oil change I put in MOBIL 1 15-50 and it really quiets the engine at idle when hot
I'm planning on changing the filter at 5K miles and leaving oil in to 10k miles ... any opinions on that?
Use REDLINE MTL synthetic in the trans and am very happy with it (especially in cold months) I'd be interested in any information on synthetics for final drive

Car is good trip car ... effortless. Mileage deteriorates rapidly after 70 mph. I can get 28 mpg at 65 to 70. In town get about 25. Each of those will drop 2mpg in the winter.
It sits about a 1/4 inch too high (according to Bently book) , perhaps it has gas shocks from previous owner that push it up

This is my second BMW (first was a 67 1600) and this car doesn't have the personality of the older one. It does everything better but it seems dull, sterile ... like a Harvard graduate that never socialized. The old car was the life of the party.

There are 20 years between them, so maybe it is me that has changed.

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