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> >I wonder if it would be advantageous to the group (E30)
> >owners to get an idea of mileage and replacement of certain key components.

> Excellent idea! Now if someone can just collect the info and summarize it
> (unfortunatly I don't have time).

If everyone will post them here or email me directly, I'll collect them and post them on my E30 web site.
(slow, but up to date) (fast, but may be old info)

'84 318i w/ 228k miles


  • Front right wheel bearing at 190k
  • Rear left wheel bearing at 205k
  • New clutch, replaced about 210k because it felt like it was

    engaging to high, old disk was OK, but flywheel was glazed

  • All suspension bushings (Control arm, subframe, diff, etc.)
  • Control arms (for ball joints) around 190k
  • New rubber gas lines around 190k
  • New coolant hoses around 190k
  • Both rear half-axles(boots broke, trashed joints), around 190k
  • Rear differential(3.64LSD) with 3.93?LSD, around 198k
  • Guibo, shifter components around 190k
  • Motor and transmission mounts around 215k, sure smoothed things up
  • Tie rod ends around 195k
  • new boge turbo gas shocks/struts at 190k

'86 325es w/105k miles


  • Water pump with timing belt at 104k
  • new boge turbo gas shocks/struts at 105k
  • guibo at 102k


  • muffler (rusted on the rear)
  • wheel bearings (one rear bearing starting to make noise)

'89 325i w/125k miles


  • Timing belt/water pump at 115k
  • 1/2 of the coolant hoses, old and soft at 115k
  • all fuel lines, they were starting to crack at 115k
  • rocker arm shafts/rocker arms at 115k
  • rocker arms (again)/new cam at 120k
  • new boge turbo gas shocks/struts at 125k
  • ellipsoidal headlight bulbs, one burned up, a week later the other went out (both lowbeam)
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