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From Tue Dec 2 13:22:52 1997
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From: "Cole & Sharon" <>
To: <>
Subject: 1986 325es
Date: Tue, 2 Dec 1997 16:26:43 -0500
X-MSMail-Priority: Normal
X-Priority: 3

I bought this car new in July of 86. It has always run badly. Poor acceleration, hesitation, terrible surging on acceleration at 3/4 throttle. Air conditioning almost useless because of bad loss of power with it on. Cruse control surges constantly. It's always started fine and idles fine. It's a 5 speed, shifts hard when cold...clutch feels like it's oil soaked (chatters) ..... Yes, since new i've had all of these problems plus many more....instruments going asking for codes and shutting off...trying to read German..replaced ckt. board with battries attached 3 times over the years, finally I just ignored what I could live without. I still have & drive it once and awile. The dealer has no answers & has never solved any of the hesitation or surging problems. They hand me another bottle of Techron, tell me it's the gasoline i'm using and call us again some time. Any one out there had similar problems or any answers....thank you for any help at all

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