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From Tue May 28 21:56:47 1996
id sma017298; Tue May 28 23:51:45 1996
id AA29546; Tue, 28 May 96 23:56:42 CDT
Date: Tue, 28 May 1996 23:58:34 +0000
From: John Bunda <>
Subject: e30 problem survey

87 325 (purchased 8/92 w/68K miles, now 5/96 105K miles)

Problems I've had:

Front rotors - 78K, scored, not warped - replaced. Exhaust hanger - bracket replaced with ridiculously cheap but

             over-engineered BMW part (someone felt guilty about
             this one).
O2 sensor    68K erratic running, poor mpg - fixed the problem - btw, replaced
              with cheaper (Ford?) part, not BMW, works fine.
Timing belt - 68K (not sure if previous owner did it - he hadn't)
Tires       at 68K miles, Pirelli P6 195/65R14  ok, good wear, but
            so-so performance, slick when wet.  
            just replaced with Yoko AVS U+4 205/60HR14
Seats       Had frames rewelded at 98K miles (broken)

LH door lock - broke at 98K miles, repaired by locksmith. Chin spoiler - chronic problems, a poor design. I need to redo the mounts. Rear shock mounts - 98K, clunking and squeaking, the rubber plates were

almost ripped through (RH side completely destroyed) Oil leak - 78K needed new sump gasket - expensive, considering. Antenna boot - cracked, water leaking into trunk. cheap and easy repair.

the boot _is_ available as a separate part from BMW. RH electric door lock solenoid - loose connector reconnected 103K. Tach - stopped working 83K. Fixed by replacing batteries on SI board.

       The instrument cluster can be removed without pulling steering wheel,
       if you're careful.

Muffler - 103K, replaced with Ansa. Cat still original.

I think that's it..


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