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From digest.v7.n1310 Sun Mar 15 05:31:42 1998
From: Drvr808 <>
Date: Sun, 15 Mar 1998 00:00:40 EST
Subject: Subs In An E30 3-Series

Somebody asked about putting subs in the trunk of an E30. I used to have 2 12" JL Audio subs in the trunk of my 1990 325is and here are my thoughts:

Eventhough the trunk is sealed off very well from the cabin (unlike a Honda or Nissan with fold down seats and no "real" barrier between the cabin and the trunk" the sound from the subs sounded very clear. The subs were set up in a sealed enclosure. The rear deck was untouched, no holes for porting, in fact factory speakers still intact. It also depends on the amp you're using to push the subs. I had an older Sony amplifier which was pushing 280 Watts in bridged mode. I have since changed to a ported box with only 1 10" sub. Still sounds good, but the fact that it weighs 1/3 of the other box justifies the step down in sound. My recommendation:use a sealed box (tighter, cleaner, lower hitting bass) and a good amp. In terms of wiring, it depends on the equipment you choose. Email me if you need any help with it or for any opinions. Bob (MECP Certified Installer)
Midwest Performance HQ

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