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From digest.v9.n1010 Fri Mar 5 05:20:10 1999
From: Jeff Schnellinger <>
Date: 5 Mar 99 05:43:43 MST
Subject: RE: <E28> How do you remove tweeters from door pods?


If the tweeters are anything like the E30's, They are glued in from the = rear.
I used an x-acto to carve as much glue and plastic from the tweeter itse= lf as
I could from the backside and save the pod. I also dug in some on the fro= nt
side after removing the grille. Then I just used a small screwdriver and=

pryed the tweeter out. I also found out that some heat will help soften = the
old glue. Mine were sitting on the dash in the sun for a while and got w= arm
and it made it much easier to pop them apart.

Jeff =

BMWCCA 77366

> ------------------------------
> =

> Date: Thu, 04 Mar 1999 14:45:34 -0800
> From: Erick Baumeister <>
> Subject: <E28> How do you remove tweeters from door pods?
> =

> All,
> Well I splurged and bought nice new 1" tweeters for the front door pods=

> in my '88 535i. Problem is, I haven't been able to remove the originals=

> from the pods! They seem to be epoxied in there and the exacto knife I
> thought I would use to get the glue out isn't making a dent. Unless
> someone on the list has a better idea I am reduced to 2 alternatives:
> =

> - -Drill out then grind the old tweeter out
> =

> - -buy an empty tweeter pod set. Are these even available? the partial
> part # on the passenger side one is: 1 380 582 2
> =

> Erick Baumeister
> '88 535ia
> Livermore,CA BMWCCA 131280

Jeff Schnellinger | "Explain to me the scientific =

BMW +JC +Alpine +RF +BA     |     nature of 'the whammi' "
mvnsnd at usa dot net       |          Agent Scully

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