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From digest.v7.n15 Mon Jul 28 17:55:15 1997
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 1997 10:06:00 -0500
Subject: Re: <E36> <M3> ...ignition noise on stereo

<M2260753.008.1dy39.1.970728160353Z.CC-MAIL*/O=CCMAIL/PRMD=PSC/ADMD=MCI/C=US /_at_MHS>


     If your stereo has a whine it is alternator noise, if it has a tick, 
     tick sound it's ignition noise. And eliminating it can be a job best 
     left to a professional. Systems that use line level convertors are 
     some of the biggest culprits/receivers of outside noise. Car stereo 
     shops that are good at removing noise will have a "sniffer" (basically 
     a tape recorder with the tape head on a long wire and some headphones) 
     which enables the installer to find the point (or points) at which the 
     noise enters the system (at lot less trial and error by doing it this 
     I really don't have enough information to help you. I need to know 
     where you put the convertor (at the amp or at the radio). What 
     crossover and amps and convertor are you using (some are not shielded 
     as well as others...especially crossovers). Where the amp(s) and 
     crossover are mounting, how you routed the wires???
     I can give this generic advice:
     1. The line level convertor should be at the radio and shielded cables 
     should be run from the dash to the crossover and amps. The cables 
     should run away from the factory wiring harness (as much as possible). 
     2. You could try moving the grounds for the equipment around. Try all 
     (including the radio) at one point, near the amps. Don't ground 
     directly to the battery terminal. Sometimes just the right combination 
     of grounding tricks will eliminate the noise. (but probably not in 
     your situation). 
     3. Try adjusting the gains on the amps and crossover to minimize the 
     volume of the whine (this is not a solution, but it can help in 
     situations where the noise is minimal).  
     Help this helps,
     Dean (not an installer anymore...9 years of previous experience)
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