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From digest.v7.n21 Wed Jul 30 07:04:31 1997
From: Kim Watters Halapin <>
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 97 15:51:31 EDT
Subject: Re: <E36><M3> Stereo upgrade self-install, ignition noise


I seem to remember a similar problem with with a '95 M3 a while back. I shared my experiences with my E34 stereo upgrade with him, specifically the problem getting rid of the alternator whine. While you are experiencing ignition noise, both can feed back through a noisy ground. To the point, the solution was to cut the ground wire at the head unit and splice in a wire grounded to the bracket. Again this was to eliminate whine, not ignition noise but you might want to give it a try.

Standard disclaimers apply.. not a stereo installer, not a mechanic, etc.


Kim Watters
MBQuartz QM215.03CX's front, MBQuartz QM130.03CX's rear JL Audio 8W6 subs, SoundStream Reference 705S amp AudioControl EQQ, Kenwood PS905

> From: "Kirk Shafer" <>
> Date: Fri, 25 Jul 97 11:22:11 PST
> Subject: <E36><M3> Stereo upgrade self-install, ignition noise

>      Has anyone performed their own stereo system upgrades on a late model 
> E36 and battled ignition noise? > > If yes, what solved noise problem? Wire routing alone, amp mounting > isolation, shielded cabling, were 12VDC in-line filters? > > I removed stock amp. Replaced with a line-level converter (to get low > level signals to work with), one 3-way electronic crossover unit, 3 > amps (parallel-connected some speaker pairs). Having much trouble > eliminating a constant-volume ignition-correlated whine. Assuming > ignition noise on 12VDC lines coupling into low-level preamp signal > conductors somewhere. Driving me nuts, especially since I'm an EE and > have done numerous stereo and feel like I should be able to fix this!! > > Thanks for any advice, professional or otherwise. > > Kirk S > 97 M3
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