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From digest.v4.n853 Wed Jul 17 15:59:21 1996
From: "wayland chan" <>
Date: Wed, 17 Jul 96 18:31:49
Subject: Aftermarket CD Changers

*LONG, if you already have a CD changer you'll probably want to skip*

I drive a 1996 318is with the standard stereo (not the HK upgrade). I've been trying to figure out whether or not I can install an aftermarket CD chgr as opposed to the overpriced dealer option. I've seen many posts on the digest where people have used the Pioneer CDXM30 changer by simply buying an adapter to reconfigure the pinouts. Well, I've been told that a similar type of adapter exists so that I may use Alpine changers as well. Anyways, I've looked far and wide for a solution because I'd prefer the Alpine when 'lo and behold I came across the following notice dated November 1995:

OEM Interface by PIE
>From the desk of Ron McElroy

Subject: BMW CD changer converter program.

The BMW CD changer program can be divided into three segments.

The first segment covers the cars from 1989 through 1991. These vehicles which have a CD changer controller radio can be fitted with an aftermarket CD changer, the CDXM30 by Pioneer. You must use the aftermarket CD data cable in this installation, do not use the OEM CD data cable.

The second segment cover the BMW model years from 1991 through 1994 which have CD changer controller radios and are fitted with a 14-pin data cable which is terminated in the vehicle's trunk. The pioneer CDXM30 changer can be installed in these vehicles in conjunction with the OEM Interface CD Converter, part# BMW-PIO/M. One end of the BMW-PIO/M plugs into the 14-pin OEM CD data cable and the other end plugs directly into the Pioneer changer's 6X7-pin chassis plug, thus eliminating 20 feet (the aftermarket CD data cable) of extra CD data cable.

The third segment of the BMW CD changer program involves vehicles which started shipping in late 1994 and covers the 1995 model vehicles to present. These vehicles have a different CD data chip in their radio which does not allow the OEM radio to respond to the aftermarket Pioneer CDXM30 changer. Please note, the aftermarket changer(Pioneer CDXM30) with the OEM Interface converter will function in these vehicles. The three new radios with the different data chip can be identified by bring up their series number on the radios display screen by pressing and holding down the negative(-) tuner button and the program button. These three radios are the Alpine series V(five), the PIO BMW Four series, and the PIO P102 series radio.


Ron McElroy
Director Product Development and Dealer Technical Support OEM Interface by PIE (Precision Interface Electronics) Dealer Technical Support Hot Line: (619) 632-5181 fax (619) 632-9139

<basically stuff mentioned above cut>
An OEM interface by PIE device which will allow an aftermarket CD changer to be installed in these latter vehicles is currently in R&D and will be available very soon.

I hope this helps anyone out there that is looking to add a CD chgr. But my problem is that I drive one of the later year models which has no such adapter.

Has anyone out there heard of any other companies offering a similar product to the one above. Also, it'd be great if someone from this list from the 619 area code would email so I could ask a favor from them (I wanna save long distance charges =).

Wayland Chan
1996 318is - CD less =(

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