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From digest.v6.n44 Fri Jan 10 19:13:54 1997
From: (Curtis A. Ingraham)
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 1997 12:19:23 -0800
Subject: <MISC> CDX-M30 Prices

This message is for people who want to buy a Pioneer CDX-M30 6-disc CD changer. If you're not sure which changer you need, you won't find the answer here; see earlier posts such as Phil Marx's excellent summary of car, radio, changer, and adapter models. Or email me, and I'll try to help; be sure to include your credit card number <insert smiley here>.

I shopped for a Pioneer CDX-M30 6-disc CD changer in December and came up with the vendors and prices below. All had the CDX-M30 in stock. Crutchfield is in Virginia; the rest are in New York. Shipping charges are for UPS ground service to California. Tax is not included. Prices are in US $.

Vendor & Phone Price Ship Total Notes

Crutchfield (VA) 400 6 406
800 955-3000

Executive Photo (NY) 320 12 332
800 223-7323 orders
212 947-5290 info

Smile Photo (NY) 289 20 309 Beware of "specials" 800 699-2834 orders
212 967-5900 info

Speed & Sound (NY) 295 15 310
800 647-6863 orders
718 531-1365 info

SBH (NY) 289 15 304
800 451-5851 orders
718 438-1027 info

Curt Ingraham

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