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From digest.v6.n692 Sun May 25 07:32:07 1997
From: (Your Bud Wes)
Date: Fri, 23 May 1997 23:07:02 -0700
Subject: BMW _BASS_ (How low can ya go!)

Hello buds,

I finally did it. I finally got tired of the underpowered system in my M3. I went and installed an SAS bazooka subwoofer. After listening to several other options and several sizes, I decided to go with the 8' one. It puts out, is pretty clean, and doesn't take up nearly as much space as their 10" does. I got the powered version with an 80 watt amp. It is capable of powering a slave bazooka subwoofer if I feel I need more bass later. After the install I sat in the car to listen to it. First thing I noticed was the back seat was down. The installer (AMS, off of Stevens Creek in San Jose) informed me that the trunk was sealed so tight with the seats up that barely any bass got out. He then proceeded to push the rear seat back into place. Man! It was easily a 30 dB drop. I couldn't believe how well the trunk was sealed. This was a problem, though. I didn't want to drive around with one of my rear seats down all the time, or having to open and close it when I needed bass. So, when I got home I removed the rear speaker boxes and gave it a listen. Voila'! BASS! - and tons of it! More so than with the seat down. It seams the empty speaker holes make good ports. It was accurate and deep. I was surprised myself. With the x-over set to ~150Hz and the gain at almost max, it seems to blend in very well with the rest of the stock system. Next I'll be getting a slave and an XTANT for the front speakers. WooHoo!!

1995 M3 Cosmos Schwartz K&N Jim C. SAS Bazooka and FLUKE!

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