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VIN WBAAA710709164329

Custom and Very Rare!
Only 2 cars were authorized by BMW to be custom modified to pick up version! Excellent condition!

BMW 1984 323i Modified to Pick Up Truck Engine Otto Combustion Maximum Speed 130mph Power 128 bhp _at_ 600RPM Service Load 860lbs. Seats 2 incl. driver Overall Dimensions 170L x 65W x 55H

Empty Weight 2557lb Perishable Load 3,447lbs. Perishable Axle Load Front 1675lbs Perishable Axle Load Rear 1896lbs Front 195/60 VR 14 Center+ Rear 195/60 VR 14 Front 195/50 VR 15 Center + Rear 205/50 VR 15 Stationary noise level 91 P dB(A) Driving 79 dB(A) Vehicle with Hartge Exhaust System

Removable Roof Component Modifications made in 1983: Engine Manufacturer Hartge-BMW

Engine Type 236EB Bore 80mm (3.51) Stroke 76.8mm (3.20) Number of Cylinders 6 Serially Arranged Actual Displacement 2316cm3 (141.6CID) Engine Type Otto Combustion Ignition Sequence 153624 Compression Ratio 10.0 to 1

Power 128 bhp _at_ 6000RPM Fuel Injection Type L-Jetronic Air volume Meter 0280 202 031 Throttle Valve Flange 1 285 330 Controller 0280 001 301 Fuel Pressure Regulator Y 437762014 Injection Valves 0280 450 208 Electrical System Alternator Bosch 0 120 489 030 031 Distributor Bosch 0 237 302 038 PGFUD 6 Intake System Air Filter BMW 1 278 441 Filter Cartridge 1 271 254 Exhaust System Exhaust Elbow Fan Exhaust Elbow Hartge House Brand Premuffler:

Hartge 18 434 (bosal 281-853)

End Muffler Hartge 18 437 (bosal 280-03) Cooling System Water cooling with pump and thermostat Fan Visco-fan BMW 1273086 9blade 165. diam. V-belt driven Engine BMW236 EB was modified by Hartge as follows: Camshaft, manufacturer Schrick with 2800 aperture angle and valve stroke of 10.3mm (.460) Valve guides shortened at intake and exhaust ports. Modified combustion chambers, intake and exhaust ports. Increased compression ratio to 10:1 by milling overall height of cylinder head to 124.71.1mm (4.911.040) Changed fuel injection system pressure.

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