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From digest.v5.n453 Sat Oct 26 15:39:44 1996
From: Will Turner <>
Date: Fri, 25 Oct 1996 12:15:27 -0400
Subject: E30M3 supercharger info

Gary H recently asked:

> From: Gary H <garyh_at_sco.COM>
> Date: Thu, 24 Oct 1996 22:50:37 -0700
> Subject: <E36> ERT Supercharger Promotion (LONG)
> I got prices on superchargers for Mustangs using the SAME Powerdyne 6PSI
> supercharger that Dinan and ERT uses. The kit for these cars are very
> complete and include almost everything the ERT kit includes (larger fuel
> pump, injectors, brackets, hoses, belts, chip, etc). Guess how much the
> kit runs? $2300! Now, you are saying, "but these kits must be unrealiable,
> cheap, whatever!" Again, the kit uses the same Powerdyne compressor AND
> people on the Ford list have had their supercharger kit on their car for
> 2 years with absolutely no problems! So, you might ask why the $4.6k
> difference? I figured the E30 kit has an intercooler, but that isn't worth the
> $4.6k difference, right?! So, I searched for supercharger kit that includes an
> intercooler AND uses the PowerDyne compressor. Guess what? I found a few! All
> between $2.5k-$3.0k. Now, you might say, "Do these companies that offer super-
> charger kits have the NAME to back up their products like DINAN?" How about
> a Paxton and Vortec? Their kits are in the $3k range!
> Ok, Ok, buying aftermarket performance parts for an American car is cheap! It's
> probably alot more expensive for the Japanese cars (they are imports like BMW
> and have higher resale value than American cars). So, I cranked away and found prices on supercharger and turbo kits for the Hondas.... Price range? $2k-$4.7k!
> The most expensive was a DRAG turbo kit for the Acura Integra GS-R.
> Anyways, why the big difference in price?! Surely the cost of the materials
> are the same.

In response (in a nut shell)

A “Mustang” kit is easy to produce, bolt on a $30 pressure regulator (for more fuel) some larger injectors and a powerdyne supercharger and you Mustang gets 100 hp. The V8 does not wind out to 7800 rpm like the BMW so close enough on the fuel injection set up is “good enough”.

The ERT/TMS supercharger kit for the E30 M3 that we sell costs more than the “Mustang” kit because it includes many items (mostly fuel injection related) that the mustang does not need.

The powerdyne supercharger is the “easiest” part of the whole kit, the E30 M3 has 10 to 1 compression, the Mustang has 8.8 to 1. This causes the M3 to detonate easier, which means that we have to add knock sensors and reconfigure most of the injection system.

The intercooler alone needs 7 feet of mandrel bent tubing and a (expensive) lightweight aluminum intecooler.

Another feature of the ERT kit is that it makes FULL boost at around 3000 rpm by use of another electronically controlled blow off valve.

Sure we could design a $3000 kit but I would’nt even put it on a MUSTANG.


P.S : The supercharger kit is not for everyone but once you hear horror stories of people spending $8k on a stroker motor that makes only 250 hp it sounds like a good alternative.


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    Will Turner President, Turner Motorsport 508-463-2269

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