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From digest.v5.n28 Thu Jul 25 06:39:38 1996
From: John Thomas <>
Date: Wed, 24 Jul 1996 22:20:09 -0700
Subject: Re: dinan chip...325e

Nate Harris wrote:
> To those who have purchased Diana chips,
> Are the gains really as great as they were supposed to be, according to the
> Dinan figures? It seems to me that this is an area that Dinan could really
> exploit customers. Stating that the reason that gains aren't as high as theirs
> is that your engine is up to snuff, or many other reasons. Has anyone actually
> done any dyno checks to see if there is really that great performance increase
> as stated?

well, I am happy with my thing I noticed after the installation was that the annoying bucking...maybe surging is more accurate...under full throttle acceleration (3000 to redline) was gone. The car 'feels' much more driveable. The only testing for me is my own butt dyno, and now, after 8 months, who knows...but, I use the new redline 5300 regularly (read daily), and when shifting at that point, the car seems to be further into its power band...and therefore feels to me like it is accelerating quicker.

top speeds in gears:    1       30 mph
                        2       60 mph
                        3       90 mph +/-
                        4      120 mph +/-  the old top speed was about 117
                        5       ??      

the only other 'test' I have performed is the metric mechanic 60-80 3rd gear test, and compared to their 'stock' eta chart, my times were 1.5 -2 seconds faster....and no, I wasn't going downhill...but I do want to try those tests again sometime soon

other sources? Jim Conforti, maybe autothority (sp?), and I think Metric Mechanic claims to have a chip...short of that, you could try the Barry Burr method which had something to do w/ adjusting a dial on the DME which I think controlled fuel mixture, barry claimed similar results to the chip...who knows?

good luck nate


  • -- '87 325 (Dinan Chip) 136k '94 318i 17k

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