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From: Dale Beuning <>
Subject: Re: 1984 325e
To: (Scott Dawley)
Date: Thu, 1 Aug 1996 15:47:41 -0700 (PDT)

> Hello!


> I just purchased a 1984 325e, 101k miles. Having never owned a BMW, I've
> got a few questions perhaps someone has the answers to.
> Timing belt: I find no mention in the manuals I have as to regular change
> intervals. Any suggestions here?
Suggested interval by BMW is 60k, it can trash your engine if it goes so change it at 50k instead. If you are unsure if it's been changed, don't risk it, change it now. Also do the idler pulley and water pump while you are in there.

> Noise when shifting: After shifting up, when I release the clutch and hit
> the gas, I get a soft little 'clunk' noise from the rear end of the car.
> Doesn't happen when going into reverse or downshifting, and I get no
> unusual vibration or noise when at speed, so I don't entirely suspect
> U-Joints (which can't be replaced without the entire driveshaft!). Is this
> a 'normal' sound that other folks experience as well? (Rear boots are in
> good shape.)

Probably the Guibo (rubber flex disk) inbetween driveshaft and transmission. A good idea to also replace the center support bearing while you have the driveshaft out.

> Wierd idling: Frequently, my engine idle speed varies between 1000 and
> 1700 with a period of about 2 seconds. (Sounds like I'm slowly
> revving the car hoping for a drag race! ;-) ) It'll do this for a couple
> of minutes, then it may or may not come back again later. Also, sometimes
> when I start the car first thing in the morning, the idle pops up to
> around 2500, then drops down after 10-15 seconds. Hate that many RPM's on
> a cold engine.

See the idle control module faq. Basically your idle control valve or idle control module is bad. You can try lubing/cleaning the valve and resoldering the module as described in the FAQ, but the easy fix is to replace them.

> Warped moulding: There is this black plastic moulding that rests on the
> top of my front bumper closest to the engine compartment. It looks
> decorative and/or aerodynamic, but right now, it is is
> WARPED, probably from years of sitting in the sun. Anybody have any
> similar condition and/or luck fixing it?

Sure, replace it. You can get good used ones from junkyards in the North. Try Cambell/Nelson in Edmunds, WA. (206)something.

hope this helps

> If anybody has any suggestions or ideas on these questions, it'd be mucho
> appreciado.
> Thanks,
> Scott


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