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From digest.v7.n50 Tue Aug 5 09:20:35 1997
From: Jeff Krause <>
Date: Tue, 05 Aug 1997 08:25:23 -0400
Subject: Car stories

Okay, guys, it's time for a couple of new threads. I've been talking to Terry Sayther, who has the third 3 series touring in the US, and we traded stories about the history of our cars. Anyone else have a good story about their car? Here's how our 320iT cam to be owned by yours truely...
Ours came in from Florida. It was owned by a car dealer who kept it for over a year. He then sold it to Dwight and Susan Lile, the owners of Zionsville Autosport here in Indianapolis (317-873-3216) who maintain the BMW parts list. They are also the ones who built my M3 convertible. Small world, huh?
I was at Zionsville Autosport looking at some stuff, and noticed the car in the parking lot. I Said "What's the story on the touring?" And Dwight says "Besides the fact that it's for sale?" I said "Nope, that's all I need to know." I bought it on the spot, never sat in it , never drove it. I tell my wife that evening, "uh, some guys are going to be dropping off, um, a package, see, and just go ahead and sign for it if I'm not here." And then promptly went out to the BMW club meeting! =:) She was less than pleased when the car arrived... Good thing I'd had a drink or five to calm my nerves. She was perfectly happy with our 1988 six speed (yes 6) 4x4 Honda civic wagon, the original CR-V. (This is Indiana. it snows here. A bunch) But we were having a second daughter, and I really didn't think I wanted her and the girls in something that light. We agreed that she would drive the BMW till it snowed, and if the car didn't go well with four Blizzaks, she could keep the Civic and I would sell the Touring. The BMW went BETTER than the Civic since it only had all season BFG T/As on it. With no hills to climb, it was no contest. She was stunned. We kept it. Anyway, that's OUR story. If you have a good one that's not covered by the statute of limitations, let us know! No stories including large pets or small farm animals though. (Oops, wrong list. Sorry!)

  • -- Jeff Krause 317.535.0250 Whiteland IN The Driver's Edge
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