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From Thu Jul 3 11:46:44 1997
Subject: Re: Tools for up keep of E30 (90 325is)
To: (John C Dink)

This is something I haven't really thought of, but I can think of a few off the top of my head:
22mm deepwell - for removing steering wheel 30mm std - for removing rear wheel bearings, or was that 32mm? 30mm thinwall - for removing transmission output flange complete set of 1/4" and 3/8" and 1/2" drive metric sockets and rachets complete set of 3mm to 19mm wrenches
complete set of metric allen wrenches complete set of metric allen sockets (much easier to remove half-shafts) special radio removal pentagon shaped tool from the dealer for under $10 DVOM - digital voltmeter for troublshooting Motronic components and

other electrical misc
10mm allen wrench (not in most kits) for removing differential plugs 17mm allen wrench (not in most kits) for removing transmission plugs

  • you may want to purchase special tools for these two, it makes the job easier You may need an occaisonal Torx, I have a set and can't remember where

    I used them last, usually on seat belt fittings or door striker don't forget screwdrivers and a couple of hammers Bentley manual for E30 or E36 (due out this fall) BMWCCA Owners Companion published by Bentley ... Special tools...see (Steve D'Gerolamo) Regular tools, I buy them at Sears

hope this helps

> I recently purchased a 90 325is and I wish to do a fair amount of up =
> keep myself. I am in need of tools as my inventory was greatly reduced =
> by a burglery at the Apt. I was renting while my house was being built. =
> I have a Bently manual on order. A list of tools specfic or better for =
> the E30 would be appreciated.


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