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From digest.v6.n625 Mon May 5 19:45:40 1997
From: John Bolhuis <>
Date: Mon, 5 May 1997 18:38:28 -0400
Subject: <E30> new keys for your bimmer

the summer

<Introduction> Some may recall my earlier struggles figuring out they keys and the double-locking on my 325. Short recap: There are thick keys and thin keys - thick keys are for the valet - they don't fit the trunk or glovebox. There are master and non-master keys - master keys will double-lock, non master keys won't. My primary key was a thin non-master, so it turned all locks, but wouldn't double-lock. I wanted a real master key that I could use to double-lock, i.e. a copy of my spare stubby-headed little master key.

<SF Bay area alert> About a month ago, Allison's key machine was busted, but they expected it back online in a week. So Saturday I drove down there to have them make me a new key, 'cuz the guy at OSH (a big hardware store chain) couldn't make one that worked for me. When I got there, machine still offline. They were helpful as usual and said that Steven's Creek could do me, or Claridge's too. At Claridge's: no key machine, but I could send away for new keys to NewJersey if they had my VIN, my title, my license, my blood sample, and my underwear. Reason those keys are so hard to make: "It's a _steel_ key." At this point, my brain is trying to escape out of my ears from the torture. But serviceguy is nice enough to call around. Steven's Creek? nope/busted not sure. Peter Pan? machine is busted. Ah, but the local locksmithy can help, so he points me at a place in Fremont that is closed on the weekends. Thanks. Back home across the bay, getting a sunburn on my forehead now because the top's down and it's a really nice day. I decided to stop in at A&A lock in Menlo Park. They turn out to be the friendliest, funniest, fastest, most competent key makers I've ever seen. Problem solved for under $4.

<Moral of this now tediously long story> If you need a key for your E30, see a locksmith. Don't bother your dealer.

  • -- John Bolhuis | "I'm disrespectful to dirt!! | Can you see that I am serious?"

    | -Mr. Sparkle

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