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From: (Christopher A. Pawlowicz)
Date: Mon, 19 Aug 96 09:11:30 EDT
Subject: 1988 325iS Review, Info.

Wayne Davis asked
> I am looking for a "Road Test" on a 1988 325iS (or a '87, '89). I
>called Automobile, they only have a '92 review. Road & Track doesn't list
>older cars. Unable to try Car & Driver. If anyone has some info on this
>car, please refer me. I am curious if the car has an air bag, too. I
>searched around the Internet, didn't find much on the late eighties 325iS,
>but found lots of general BMW info. TIA.

(I don't think Automobile was around that long ago.)

I know when I was looking for a 325i I found a review in Car&Driver magazine. Don't know if they reviewed the iS or just the i though.

Go to a public library, get a few issues of C&D from ~'88,'89 and browse them -
every few months there is a page that lists all the cars tested in the last year including when each car was tested. Then get that months issue of the magazine. Most libraries have a reference section with stuff going *way* back.

BTW, I think starting in '87 3ers had ABS, starting in '90 they had an airbag. In '89 the bumper changed from chrome to body coloured. Wheels for S package are same from '87 on ( BBS basketweave pain in the ass to clean ). S package also had power everything, leather recaro style sport seats, S suspension, upgraded stereo (8 speaker vs.4) S package also had LSD, smaller 3 spoke steering wheel.

hope this helps

chris pawlowicz
'89 325i

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