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From digest.v6.n292 Fri Feb 28 00:04:47 1997
From: Larry Schwarcz <>
Date: Thu, 27 Feb 97 17:05:38 -0800
Subject: Re: <E30> Need help **RE-POST**

"Ron Milliet" <> writes: >I can not remember what this piece
>is called (threshold plate or molding or something?) This is a rigid
>plastic item that uses clips to attach to the body. This must be
>removed before the "edge protection can be replaced. There is no
>obvious way to do this and no info in the Bently. I broke one side
>already and do not intend to break the other. ** Please Help **

Well, when I had to remove mine ('90 325iC - E-30).

  • I first removed the plastic securing clips from the inside edge (pull out the center pin and then carefully pull out the clip).
  • I think I then also had to remove a small piece of trim towards the back where the lower seatbelt anchor attaches). This may be specific to the convertibles.
  • Then I just carefully pulled up on the plate (or whatever it's called). I also thought I was going to break it. Just take your time and don't jerk on it. Steady pressure was what did it for me.

But, don't forget the home mechanics motto:

        If at first it doesn't come free, force it.
        If it breaks, it needed replacing anyway :-).

Of course, YMMV, perform at your own risk, I assume no responsibility for any of my drivel, etc, etc.

          Good luck!
Lawrence R. Schwarcz, Software Design Engr/NCD      Internet:
Hewlett Packard Company                               Direct:  (408) 447-2543
19420 Homestead Road MS 43LN                            Main:  (408) 447-2000
Cupertino, CA 95014                                      Fax:  (408) 447-2264

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