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From digest.v7.n537 Wed Nov 5 01:06:05 1997
From: "Alan Alfano"<>
Date: Tue, 4 Nov 1997 08:37:57 -0400
Subject: Re: Help w/vibrating E30 Map Light mirror

>From: "R. Patrick Kennedy" <> on 10/23/97 07:53:57 AM
>Could someone please offer advice on stabilizing the rearview mirror with
the dual map lights?

>I have an E30 M3 (stock suspension), and at anything over sedate speeds, I
am unable to discern the cars behind me.

>From: "R. Patrick Kennedy" <> on 10/24/97 01:16:35 PM
>However...upon twirling that knob for many minutes in both directions, I'm
convinced something is broken in

>there. The knob turns with almost no resistance in either direction. I
want to remove the mirror, and my shop

>manual says it just "pulls" out, but after popping out the check light
box, I'm more than a little hesitant to just >pull. It seems pretty firmly attached with no hardware fasteners in sight.

The Map Light Mirror vibration can be eliminated by adjusting the foot sleeve (Bulletin terminology) which is between the mirror and windshield. It is a cylindrical plastic object that is approx 1.5 inch long and 1/4 inch long wide. It is hollow with a rubber tip on one end and standard right hand threads on the other end. The threaded portion is only approx 1/4 inch long. From the windshield point of view that means the a clockwise rotation will cause the foot-sleeve to screw into the mirror (less contact with the windshield). Turning the foot-sleeve counter-clockwise will cause it to unscrew from the mirror (more contact with the windshield).

I just took mine off last night. I have a 325iX. First I removed the check light panel by getting my finger nails under the bottom left and right corners and lifting. Inside you will see the mirror arm going thru a rubber grommet into the check light panel area. The mirror is held by two pins that are pushed out to the driver and passenger sides by a spring. The mirror can be removed by gripping the arm and firmly pushing/pulling it to left/ right and up/down. The power wire is held to the spring by a plastic tie. I let the mirror hang by the wire and then took off the foot-sleeve. I inspected its design and verified that the thread was not stripped. To put the mirror back on, I placed one pin into the body, I then used a 90 degree brake adjusting tool to press in the remaining pin and mirror back into its mounting hole. I then replaced the rubber grommet. In my opinion the foot-sleeve is too short, and the threads are also too short. As the foot-sleeve can easily get off center to one side or another. I unscrewed mine to just meet the windshield, then straighten it out. The check light panel top edges were insert first and then the bottom two corners just click in position. After my road test, there was no vibration at all.

I hope this helps you,
Alan Alfano

BMW CCA #30492

1988 BMW 325iX
1956 Austin-Healey 100M (2)

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