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From digest.v4.n548 Mon May 6 11:47:04 1996
From: paul nederveen <>
Date: Mon, 6 May 1996 13:38:43 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: E30 window not working

> From: Robby West <>
> Date: Mon, 6 May 1996 00:29:33 -0500
> Subject: E30 window not working
> I noticed late tonight that the passenger side window in my wife's '89 325i
> will not work. When you press the switch to lower the window, with the motor
> running, the lights in the window switches dim and the RPM's of the motor
> would drop somewhat. The window makes no noise when you try to lower(or
> raise). The only thing that happened early in the day was my wife removed
> the digital clock and handed it to me saying that it was not working. It
> flashes the display and will work if you tap or press on the face. I
> reinstalled the clock and it seemed to work fine. I checked the fuses at
> that time and they were OK.
> I've read a service bulletin about power windows not lowering, but this was
> issued in '86. I will open up the door panel Monday evening, after checking
> fuses, etc again. Anyone have any suggestions are experiences with this?

I just recently fixed a problem very much like this on my '89 M3 (same windows as your's).

  1. Unscrew lock knob.
  2. To remove opener lever hole cover, slip back and out.
  3. Pop out little plastic cover on top of handle and remove screw.
  4. Remove screw aon bottom of handle.
  5. Carefully (preferably with a non metal prying tool) work your way around the door to remove the panel.
  6. Lift up and off.
  7. Peel back plastic adhesive covering (it's nasty, so don't try to remove the whole thing).
  8. Unplug wire from motor and check for +12V up -12V down (I think).

If that works:
9. Loosen slide limiter (you'll see it on the brace). Try to lower window.

If that works:
10. Close window so it is just snug, mark the position, lower 2-3mm then reset slide limiter.
11. Lube tracks with lithium grease or teflon (I used Tri-Flow spray with the little extention tube).

If no voltage start checking electrical system (that's another post). If motor won't work, even with hand assist, you may have to remove and clean out motor, or just replace the whole thing. That is more somewhat more work. It seems that it is often just wear and tear that needs to be adjusted for.


'89 M3 92k Alpine White (windows go up, windows go down, windows go up....) BMWCCA #130428

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