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From digest.v7.n435 Tue Oct 14 13:01:10 1997
From: "alx" <>
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 1997 11:53:25 -0400
Subject: RE: Jim C chips / Instrument Cluster [e30]

On 10/13/97,_at_05:48 PM, wrote: >Subject: Jim C chips / Instrument Cluster [e30]
>I have two questions;
> How do I get a hold of Jim C to order a chip, and when is the last
>day to order one from him directly?

The last day is October 31st.
A form is at http://

>How do you remove the instrument cluster from the IP to replace
>burned out bulbs. I see the two screws at the top of the IP, but the
>bottom part is a mystery (1991 E30 with airbag) ?

Aha, the Bentley is not very helpful here, is it? I'll be writing this off memory, but here it goes.

1). Unclip the knee-level cover that starts bellow the steering column and goes down towards the pedals. It is held in place by 3 plastic tabs and one screw that holds the cover to the steering column. From now on start making sure that you are not loosing any screws. 2). Unscrew the plastic panel that goes below the instrument cluster (IC) by removing two screws from behind the panel. Be careful with the right screw =3D> it just might drop right into the center console gaps and will send you on a fishing expedition into the center console. 3). Unscrew all Phillips screws you can find that hold the IC trip in= place.
There are either 2 or 4 of them. This will expose another 4(?) mounting screws that hold the cluster to the dashboard. Wiggle it out of its position (top first) just far enough to unclip the wiring harnesses. Try to remember where all the wires go. Especially the 2-prong cruise control adopter (in the center of the IC) which is the only one that fits multiple connectors.
4). Now turn the wheel to around 10 o'clock position. This will provide just enough room to wiggle the unplugged IC out of the dashboard. This shortcut is especially useful if you have an airbag, since you _really_ do not want to disarm the airbag and remove the steering wheel to access the IC. This is the only place where I have found Bentley's direction to be both incomplete and incorrect. 5). Replace the bulb and re-assemble.

The second time you do this, the whole procedure should take less then 10 minutes.

have fun,

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