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> I need information on step-by-step replacement of a/c evap/core.
> I've been without a/c for a year. I have purchased a new evap/core
> and need this information to help me install it myself.

Installing the evaporator core is do-able, and I can describe the process here, but having the Bentley or Chilton guide should help.

  1. if a/c sytem has pressure, bring it to a shop to have them charge down the

    system, idealy you would bring the car back to this shop to have it charged back up. if the system doesn't have pressure, I would strongly recomend getting a new dryer, as yours is probably saturated.

  2. remove glove box, 4 screws on the back and strap
  3. remove rear part of console, remove rear ashtray and 10mm nut underneath
  4. remove front part of console:
    • pull shift knob, comes straight up and off
    • remove shift boot
    • remove 10mm plastic nut just to the rear of the shifter
    • remove front ashtray, pulls out
    • remove front ashtray bracket, 2 #2 cross-tip screws
    • remove plastic screws at the front edge of the console on either side (by gas pedal and by glove box)
    • console is now ready to come out
  5. remove 2 lines going into expansion valve, if your dryer has let

    loose with all of it's beads, you'll find them trapped in here.

  6. remove expansion valve from evaporator
  7. remove evaporator
  8. installation is reverse:
    • insure whoever charges your system knows what you have done to your system so they can watch for leaks in the right place
    • install new o-rings, cheap insurance

hope this helps

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