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From digest.v6.n464 Tue Apr 1 17:39:22 1997
From: (Phil Marx)
Date: Tue, 1 Apr 1997 13:11:04 -0500
Subject: re: <E30> convertible - two specific questions

Olav Berthold asked:
>I'm asking this one for a friend who just purchased a 1990 320i =
>convertible. He has two problems that are not covered in detail by =
>repair manuals.
>* The angle of the window of one front door is not adjusted properly. =
>The effect is, that the glass is rubbing on the roof seal every time you =
>open or close the door. Question: How do you adjust (the angle of) the =
>door window ?
>* At least one hydraulic damper of the covering lid (for the softtop =
>when opened, how do you call this thing in English ?) is shot. The thing =
>won't stay open by itself. How do you exchange them ? Is it sufficient =
>to replace only one or should you do the two of them ?
>Thank you very much >Olav Berthold >(Hannover, Germany)

In the states we had a service bulletin covering the window rubbing the top. The solution was not in aligning the window but in changing out the springs which are located just behind the rear side-window weatherstrip inside the "c-pillar" (if you can call it that on a Cabrio with no "b" pillar), wrapped in a plastic "hose" type sheath and tie-wrapped in place. Replacing these is easy and results in greater top tension which keeps the top from sagging and hitting the window.

The gas spring is quite expensive from BMW in the states, like over $85, each. The last set I got came from Eurasian in CA, USA and cost closer to $25. Replacing one usually works ok but at $25 each, I'd do both. The cheaper unit was packaged by SWAG of Germany, their part no. 7.06.1250. BMW oe. part # Both units are labeled Stabilus Gas-a-Just, Koblenz, WG. only one carries the BMW emblem. Replacement is simple. Remove the plastic cap on the top and remove circlip, remove circlip at bottom and slid it off. The new ones are only a bit harder to align as you hang upside down doing it. Leverage with a screwdriver on the bottom sometimes helps.

Good Luck

  • -Phil Marx BMWCCA #6021
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