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From digest.v6.n542 Wed Apr 16 21:17:49 1997
From: (Phil Marx)
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 1997 17:24:25 -0500
Subject: re: 88//M3 Cloudy Windshield

Dennis A. Blair wrote:
>Having the same problem with my 88 //M3 and was told it would cost about
>$500 for a new windshield. Someone told me later to be very careful about
>American vs. German glass, and to make sure there was no markup because its
>an M3 and a standard 3-series windshield would work. My solution so far
>has been to not look out that side of the windshield :)

As I recall from training back in '87, the E30 M3 had a bonded in windshield and I doubt it is the same as any other E30. Anyone who's had to replace one, please correct me if I'm wrong. (The bulb connector on the fiche machine fried itself so I'm trying to see what it will be like without fiches anymore) On the bright side of windshield replacement, the E12 and E28 windscreens are the same, making it one of the cheapest BMW replacement glasses available. Don't always figure the glass shops to be cheaper than the BMW dealer. I was recently quoted $544 for an '02 Cabriolet windshield from a "wholesale" supplier when the BMW dealer "list" price is about $270. The 700 Cabriolet price was too scary to write down.

  • -Phil Marx BMWCCA #6021
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