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From digest.v7.n883 Tue Jan 6 07:02:21 1998
From: Kwmitch2 <>
Date: Tue, 6 Jan 1998 04:36:13 EST
Subject: Re: Flush Bumpers on E-30

In a message dated 98-01-04 18:02:47 EST, you write:

<< E30 Parts needed... >>
Sorry, bubba, but those cool looking bumpers are gonna be a pain in the rearto put on you car, especially on the rear.

First off, the rear on 6/88-'91 cars have an overhang that comes down past the bumper and covers the exhaust sysyem and the spare tire well. Also the panel in the back of older cars('84-5/88) has a slight angle under the licence plate, unlike the newer style which is completely straight from one tailight to the other.

Second, the front has totally different sheet metal that is goona be a pain to both install AND locate from a salvage yard, as most of them are coming in hit in the front.
I "think" that the tow points are different to, but I am not to sure of that.

Barbarian AutoSport sells a retrofit kit (lights, brackets and all hardware) to the european bumper set up, but are for "off road use only". I personnaly havn't seen it but you might give them a call to inquire about it.

Another alternative that I have heard of but is totally unacceptable to me is taking out the bumper shocks and compressing them. This however defeats the purpose of them as they compress to absorb the shock of a mild bump, saving any potential damage to the frame.

I have heard that there is a kit that has shorter yet functional shocks that replace the factory ones and bring in the bumper closer to the car. This kit I am curious about because I would like to here the results of installation from other Digesters that may have this upgrade. Is it compatible with the "is" front spoiler from '87?

Of course I am not omnipotent, so I may be wrong. Anybody else out there know any better?

Will ///Mitchell
'90 325iCA -older style US bumpers (AUGH!) '88 ///M-3 -Ah, what beautiful bumpers!

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