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From digest.v7.n217 Tue Sep 23 19:56:27 1997
From: "Andrew C. Stoffel (914) 574-4784" <>
Date: Thu, 04 Sep 1997 00:53:14 -0500 (EST)
Subject: <SUMMARY> Re: Zymol longevity question

Thanks to the following for answering my questions about Zymol:

Jonathan Farber <>

    Joseph Koral     <>
    Scott Blazey     <>
    Phil Marx        <>
    Dean Schreier    <>
    Joe Marko        <>

Haridev T. Vengateri Jonathan Farber <> Joe G. Thompson <>

All answers were serious and chock full of actual content.

*Disclaimer: I don't sell ANY car related products or have any financial stake in any car related ventures and, as always, YMMV

The following is a SUMMARY of the 8 messages I received... no commercial endorsement or money under the table was involved. Anyone who wants to know where I eventually purchase the stuff & for how much, & what I think about it can e-mail me privately)

As far as the longevity of an 8 oz. container of zymol I received the following tidbits:

General Comments:

"it should last damn near forever. It doesn't take much to wax a BMW."

  • Don't forget to use HD-Cleanse first _at_ 1/2 to a whole container, depending upon condition of car.
  • The newer Zymol, the batches with the date stamp on the jar, are now over 32% Carnauba and Zymol says they are good for 20-25 applications.
  • The shelf life of Zymol Carbon is estimated at 4+ years while "HD-Cleanse does NOT last forever on the shelf (1 year is about the shelf life of this stuff) "
  • "A Blitz wax application will last me maybe 4 months

    compared to 4-6 weeks for Zymol."

Zymol Carbon:

  • 14 "treatments" on an E36 (estimate based on actual usage of

    1/2 of an 8 oz. container)

  • 5-10 treatments

Zymol Creme:

  • 16 (estimate based on actual usage of 1/4 of an 8oz.

    container on a '97 Prelude)

"Turtle"-mol Cream ("Zymol" labeled Turtlewax) :

  • The idea is just too horrible to contemplate even estimating it's use.
  • For best results, don't use it

Places to purchase it in NH:

  • Bavarian Autosport (one gentle reader thought I was being negative regarding these folks.... quite the contrary, they just happen to be the only organization I was aware of selling the stuff in NH so they're my only reference point.)
  • Mike Cooney might sell it at his used BMW/Volvo store in Concord
  • Tulley BMW in Nashua, NH

Places outside of NH:

  • HMS Motorsport in Marblehead MA (Not quite in NH but close enough for my purposes - NH is not a large state)
  • Zymol - directly from the source - (Not close enough) 10-15% discount if you order from the Web
  • Phil Marx will give you a pretty good price on zymol stuff. (No, Phil Marx didn't recommend himself. His recommendations were for geographically closer people.)
  • Barbara Bissett at Performance Automotive, Inc. in Glastonbury, CT. apparently has info on New England area zymol distributors

And just to be fair - Other mentioned Products are known to be available from:

Blitz Wax -> Larry Reynolds at Car Care Specialties in NJ.

Turtle-mol -> K-mart, Wal-Mart, and other fine

high-volume automobile care product vendors.

Meguiars was also mentioned but a source wasn't (though I believe I've seen it in the Bavarian AUto catalog)

Hope this helps other bimmer-philes about to follow the same zymol-coated trail.

  • -Andy-
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