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From digest.v4.n826 Wed Jul 10 19:42:29 1996
From: Michel Gammon <>
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 1996 21:41:38 -0400
Subject: <misc> Zymol

Shawn Collins wrote:

>I just wanted to pass along a note of thanks. After two years of =
>reading Zymol messages on the list, and after building up the courage =
>to wax the car myself (I've always been afraid of waxing my black =
>cars, and would generally outsource the work), I dragged myself down =
>to the local Canadian Tire and picked up a bottle of $30 Zymol =
>Liquid. Six hours, half a bottle, one super soft 100% cotton =
>Microsoft Works T-shirt (thanks Microsoft!) and two sore arms later, =
>I now have a mirror parked in my driveway. My God! This car, =
>honestly, looks better than the day I bought it! The shine is soooo =
>deep, I can nearly see right through the thing. I found that =
>following Zymol's recommendation to spray a light mist of water and =
>buffing again really added to the shine, and my sore arms.

Well, a black BMW looks d*mned good when freshly Zymolled doesn't it? I met with a fellow BMW enthusiast on Saturday, and his black-on-black freshly Zymolled '95 325i looked fantastic.

I first used the Canadian Tire Zymol (which apparently is the inferior Turtle Wax made stuff) on my previous '94 320i (Mauritius-read dark-blue), and it had been the best wax used to date. But for my new '96 328i, I decided to splurge for the "real thing", Zymol Creame wax plus HD cleanse. I gave her the full HD plus Creame wax treatment, and d*mmit, the Arctic Silver with body couloured bumpers and rockers looked great. I've had tons of compliments on my car, with one total stranger, a Saab 9000 driver, going out of his way to walk over to me and congratulate me on how sharp a car I had. If you try the full treatment (in your case, Carbon, not Creame, as you have a black car) you will be truly impressed. I find it actually looks better after the first wash post-Zymol. I also found out, this weekend, after driving on the 401 and accumulating about 760,000 bugs on the nose of my beloved, how much easier it makes bug removal. Just wash and wipe off. BTW, get the Zymol kit from Bavarian Autosport, complete with their car washing formula. Their car wash is also awesome, much less inclined to make spots. Great product.

Mike Gammon
1996 328i "freshly Zymolled"
1993 Nissan Quest XE "I only use the Canadian Tire Zymol on this one" 1993 Marinoni EL-OS "I wonder if Zymol on a bike will make it go faster?"

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