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From digest.v7.n504 Tue Oct 28 12:51:21 1997
From: "Steve D'Gerolamo" <>
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 1997 07:48:14 -0500
Subject: Window Strip Replacements

>Shawn wrote:
>Subject: window strip replacement
>>>>I need some help finding someone qualified to replace the metal window
>strips on my 87 528e. I live in the San Diego area of Southern
>California. Does anyone know of a good auto glass buisness that could
>preform the task, or should I try it myself.<<<<

Rob replied..........

>Shawn, replacing the window strips (lock gaskets) is one of the least
>expensive and rewarding "appearance" improvements you can make to any older
>BMW. It sounds like you already purchased a set (if not, Bavarian Autosport,
>$36, 800-535-2002). I would recommend doing it yourself, there's no special
>skill involved and a glass shop will not be particularly cheap.

Most E28 5 series chrome/silver windshield locking strips are well tarnished by now. A popular replacement is to go with the M5 black strips and corner joints. If you want to stay with the chrome-like strips, I'd recommend purchasing them through your local dealer as the aftermarket ones (I've purchased the same ones Bavarian buys) are generally in poor shape by the time the end customer gets them (scratched, pinched and dented). If I'm going to go through the job of replacing these, I'd rather spend the extra $10 and have perfect ones. BMW makes a nice tool set that includes all the special tools to do all BMW windshield trim (#88886513050). I keep these kits in stock as I'm sure Bavarian does (also try Baum tools) although it's a little pricey for a one time application (see if you can talk your car club into buying one for its chapter's use). The E30 strips are also popular and the early cars (pre-88) can be updated to the 88-on black trim. SD
Steve D'Gerolamo - The Ultimate Garage
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